Why should I choose DBL Construction?
Value - We feel the key ingredients to value are to provide our clients with Integrity, Honesty, and Quality workmanship at a reasonable price.  We take pride in what we do, it's not just an overused word here, it's our culture.  Our business is only as good as our clients say it is, we invite you to contact them and ask how they feel about DBL Construction.

Does DBL Construction provide all the materials?
Most of our clients source and provide the major materials (appliances, hardware, flooring, etc.) by themselves.  If the client prefers, DBL Construction does have preferred suppliers that we like to use and some do offer additional discounts to us which we may be able to pass along to clients. See our listing of preferred suppliers we have had good feedback on and use whenever we can.

Does DBL Construction employees perform all the work?
Depending on the complexity and size , we typically will perform a large portion of the work on the project, however we do have trusted sub-contractors and other partners which we work with to get your project finished in a timely manner.  We hold our sub-contractors and other partners to the high standards which we adhere to at DBL Construction.

Can I save money by doing some of the work myself?
Although we prefer to handle the entire project so that it runs smoothly and efficiently, we realize that each budget has it's limitations and we are willing to work with our clients and allow them to perform some aspects of the project where it makes sense.  

I received lower priced estimates, do you match prices?
Having multiple estimates for your project is a wise choice.  We hope you factor in other important decision points such as trust, integrity, flexibility and so on when deciding which outfit to award your business.
We here at DBL Construction strive to be competetive with our pricing, if another estimate is lower than ours let us know and we will be happy to review our estimate and do what we can to win your business.

Will my project be completed for the cost listed on the estimate?
We detail our estimates so that it is clear what work will be performed, the included materials and associated costs.
What commonly happens with any remodel project is that the client decides to change some aspect of the project which is different from the original scope and/or we find site conditions that change the scope of work.  This is especially common in remodeling homes, once we open walls or ceilings we find unexpected conditions that will need to be addressed at an additional cost.  Examples of that are dryrot, sub-standard plumbing or electrical that is not up to code, substandard building structural and so on.  We always suggest to our clients to plan 10% to 20% above the initial budget to handle these types of changes.

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